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She ionizes and atomizes

This is a Long Drive Home for Someone with Nothing to Think About...

Sally-Anne Perks
15 May
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Name: Sally-Anne Perks

Year: 7th (expelled)

House: Slytherin

Appearance: Grey eyes. Half-Japanese, half-Italian girl with ever-changing hair-- she's not a Metamorphmagus (though she'd like to be), but she enjoys changing the colour to suit her mood at the time. She's always trying to get away with some addition or alteration to her robes, but a professor usually stops her from it soon after. Whenever she can, she wears Muggle clothes, as she's more comfortable in them-- mostly band shirts, pajama pants, jeans, indie/emo/punk looking clothing, lots of things with studs, stars, black and red; three piercings in each ear and a small nose stud on the left side. The school wouldn't let her keep any of the other piercings. ^_^

Personality: Sally-Anne was a bit of a problem child, and ended up being passed around from one foster family to the next for the first four years after her parents' deaths. She acts tough, independent, and generally lets you know what she's thinking and does what she wants-- she thinks she doesn't care about what others think of her. She thinks she's misunderstood-- you know, teenager stuff. She fancies herself an artist type; she's been playing the guitar for a few years, and she loves independent film and music. Some might call her near obsessive magical hair dyeing a cry for help, but Sally-Anne sees it more as a simplified means of expression.

History: Sally-Anne was born to Death Eater parents, Salvador Perks and Miike Midori. Her parents were killed by Aurors shortly before Voldemort's fall; she, however, has no idea how they were killed. She was around a year old at the time, and no one has ever told her what exactly happened.

She was placed in a Muggle/Wizard adoption co-op, where families aware of the Wizard World or Wizarding families who were unable to have children of their own could adopt any child. It was impossible to find anyone from the Wizard World, and difficult still to find anyone in the Muggle World, who wanted to adopt Sally-Anne because of who her parents were.

Finally, at five years of age, Sally-Anne was adopted into the last foster home she would have to become accustomed to-- A Muggle home-- and she grew up knowing she was a witch, but without the surroundings of that world.

i'm in slytherin!

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